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NEW Project in Israel

After an intensive conception design phase with our Israeli client, we are proud to announce the assignment of DUMAG for the design and build of a customized thermal oxidation plant ensuring the safe treatment of vent gases containing a significant amount of class III cancerogenic substances.

ESIM continues to rely on DUMAG's progressive combustion technology

DUMAG has been awarded with the design and supply of a waste gas incinerator system applying its unique constant speed burner (CSB) technology for a reliable, safe and economic process operation.

Double Staged Burner

“Neither does it matter how many streams are introduced into the combustion chamber or whether they are gaseous or liquid. The DUO takes them all!”

Colorful and Revealing

DUMAG utilizes its broad CFD potential for the benefit of an efficient product design.

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Biggest burner in town

DUMAG recently completed fabrication of a unique IBX process burner with close to 50 MW capacity to the client’s full satisfaction.

“We have DUMAG burners in operation for more than 5 years and are happy with their durable performance”

“The DUMAG burners we are using are awesome” 


„It’s fascinating how the DUMAG combustion system safely treats the fluctuating vent gas streams from our tank terminal with ease”



DUMAG provides its long-term experience in combustion technologies and its recognized engineering capabilities to deliver an integrated approach to design and build modular, skid mounted systems for waste incineration and air pollution control with predictable performance, reliability and operation expenses.



DUMAG’s core business is the supply of customized and innovative process solutions for applications that are required to meet exceptional and exacting demands. This includes hybrid systems, incorporating two or more technology approaches in one unit, as well as multi-stage process concepts, combining two or more different air pollution control systems. The unique combustion technology and our state-of-the-art control philosophy are part and parcel of all technical solutions from DUMAG.



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We, the DUMAG technical leadership team, are a group of motivated and qualified people. We draw our expertise from numerous challenging projects for clients who appreciate our competence and reliability. We are continuously developing the way we work, perfecting our products and services, and constantly improving our communication with customers, partners and colleagues.


DUMAG is your reliable partner for combustion of gaseous, liquid and particulate special fuels.



  • Process gas firing
  • Solvent and liquid waste incineration
  • Liquid solid dispersion injection
  • Combustion of alternative fuels
  • Combustion of low calorifique gases
  • Combustion of standard fuels


  • Waste water combustion
  • ATEX process gas injection
  • Combustion of halogented compounds
  • Salt solution incineration
  • Nitrogenous gases and liquid incineration


  • Sulphur combustion
  • Combustion of tail gases
  • Sulfur hydrogen combustion
  • Combustion of spent sulfuric acid
  • Pure oxygen combustion
  • Pressurized combustion