System Components

DUMAG offers consulting as well as basic and detailed engineering for all components up to complete plant systems.

Instrumentation Group

For a safe and controlled fuel supply of combustion systems, DUMAG supplies valve groups in different designs.

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Combustion Chamber

Due to our long-term experience we are able to offer solutions according to the requirements of a safe and complete combustion. Additional CFD analyses allow an optimal adaptation of the design to the respective use. Depending on the application, ceramic fibre plates, refractory concrete or refractory stones are used for insulation.


Heat and Power for the Industry!

In addition to burners for boiler applications, DUMAG provides you with the technical know-how you need for the construction of new boiler plants and modernization projects.


Heat Recovery

Increasing plant efficiency through the use of residual heat!

The application of a heat exchanger enables the use of residual heat generated during a combustion process. The waste heat can be used for preheating feed water in boiler plants or for preheating combustion air. For that case, DUMAG offers cost-effective and adaptive solutions for combustion systems that have a short amortization time and a long service life.

Combustion Air Supply & Stack

DUMAG offers tailor-made solutions in the field of combustion air supply as well as in the field of exhaust gas discharge. The Combustion Air Supply is characterised by a small footprint and can be adapted to the respective area. In addition, our control system ensures stable and safe operation of the complete combustion system.