Company Profile


The company DUMAG is 100% privately owned by the management. With its headquarters close to Vienna, Austria, branches in Europe and Asia, it scores with customer proximity and availability.

For decades the name DUMAG stands for extraordinary achievements in the field of burner technologies. In addition to the already legendary ultrasonic nozzle, unique process solutions for demanding tasks have been developed and implemented. Many years of experience and technical competence in the field of combustion technologies form the basis for the successful execution of challenging projects. DUMAG solutions are used in Europe, Asia and overseas.

DUMAG develops, plans, manufactures and supplies tailor-made burner solutions, modular combustion systems and combination processes for the treatment of exhaust air, waste gas and waste streams from a wide range of production applications and for almost all branches of industry. In addition to customer consulting and concept planning, DUMAG also offers extended services for existing systems and plants. These include 24-hour readiness for emergencies, inspections, periodic maintenance and plant modernization.

Our Team

Robert Schroeger

Managing Director


Dusan Kostic

Lead Process Engineer

  • 6 years professional experience with Dumag
  • Project Management Asia
  • Consultant for conceptual process design at key customers


Rene Römer

Lead Automation Engineer

  • 10 years professional experience with Dumag
  • Head of Automation
  • Technical advisor to the service department
  • Consultant for automation solutions


Tom Kittel

Lead Mechanical Engineer

  • 5 years professional experience with Dumag
  • Project Management Europe
  • Supervisor of the project management department
  • Advisor for demanding project execution


Heinz Haberfelner

Senior Technology Advisor

  • 30 years of experience in the field of combustion technology
  • Head of technology, research and development
  • Technical advisor to the project team


Hans Joerg Fuerpass

Process Engineering Consultant

  • 14 years professional experience in environmental applications
  • Licensed professional engineer for process engineering
  • Technical advisor to the engineering department


Michael Pichler

CAE Consultant

  • 10 years professional experience in project engineering and simulations
  • Technical support for FEM & CFD studies
  • Product development advisor