Products & Components

DUMAG customers receive first-class advice and products which meet the highest quality and safety standards. We support our customer in joint projects by implementing innovative solutions in order to secure a technical and economic advantage in the long run – passion and drive are the engine for our success.


The name DUMAG stands for competence in all matters of combustion technology. Our customers associate the positive image of the brand DUMAG with technical sophistication, reliability and durability. Our systems are used worldwide and are known for a stable and safe operation.



For the use of standard as well as alternative and special fuels!

DUMAG has a large selection of burners for flexible use in various industrial sectors. Long service life and efficient operation at low maintenance costs are central to the development and design of every DUMAG burner.

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Years of experience in the field of combustion technology show the importance of atomizing liquid fuels for an optimal combustion process. DUMAG has a highly developed atomization technology for exactly this case, which enables efficient combustion of both high and low viscosity liquids.

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System components

In addition to burners, DUMAG also supplies all other components required for complete combustion systems. These include components for fuel and combustion air supply as well as combustion chambers, boilers and heat recovery systems.

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Process automation by means of certified safety technology!

DUMAG offers certified and fail-safe solutions in the field of control engineering, which include basic software applications as well as complete plant automation.