In-depth analysis for challenging technical questions

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) offers the advantage of finding the optimum design basis and/or improvement within shortest possible time saving costs for experimental setup and/or correction measures in a later stage.

For years DUMAG applies CFD as an integrated part of its engineering toolbox for the product development. In fact, beside the extensive in-house experience and the sophisticated design tools, it became an important pillar in the technical approach.

Below are application examples shown, which have been successfully solved thanks to the combination of expertise and CFD results.

Flow and distribution pattern

Analysis of free, forced, and mixed convection of two or more fluids. Single, multi-phase flow or phase change.

Smulations of injection and mixing devices have been performed, to select the right configuration in regards of durability, flow stability, swirl formation, deposit minimization, and many more requirements.

Process Combustion

In contrast to boiler applications, a standardization for industrial burners used in process equipment is hardly possible. Each and every complex task requires a careful evaluation with CFD for framing the basis of design of the installation.

Low NOx Technology

To meet and surpass all emission regulations, applying the optimal combustion system (Combination Burner -Nozzles and Lances– Combustion Chamber) and choosing the optimal settings is essential. CFD is a valuable tool to ensure these optimal conditions.

Uniform hot gas generation

This customized piece of equipment has to function under harsh conditions and operates at high pressure while achieving an almost constant gas temperature for various load cases. CFD Simulations are done to find the optimal geometrical and process parameters in order to ensure optimal uniformity at outlet.

Elimination of hot spots

Identifying the source for local temperature peaks on the surface of equipment and pipework and establishing a strategy to improve the situation. No matter if an existing installation or a system design has to be tested.