DUMAG® Constant Speed Burner CSB


The safest and most economic way to introduce gaseous hazardous fluids with variation in flow rate and composition into a combustion chamber.

Thanks to the unique design of an adjustable cone the CSB maintains a constant velocity at the outlet of the nozzle under all operation conditions, hence always ensure a directed flow into the chamber as flashback protection.

Beside the safety aspect, a tremendous high turn-down range can be achieved by narrowing or widening the nozzle gap. Without any inert gas addition required. And even at low gas pre-pressures.

The CSB can be applied together with any main burner or, as a modified version, become an integrated part of such unit. The standalone CSB includes a combustion air enclosure and a swirl device providing uniform air distribution for a stable flame pattern.


The main benefits of the CSB are:

  • Exceptional turn down ratio of up to 1:50
  • Low pre-pressure requirement due to optimal flow guidance
  • Self-closing safeguarding device
  • No flow rate addition necessary
  • Rigid construction with add-on options
  • Meeting European and American standards

The unbeatable combination of DUMAG’s Multifuel Burner MFB and Constant Speed Burner CSB has proven in use its unique performance regarding control range, reliability and low-cost operation. Among others the CSB finds its application in the Chemical Industry as well as in the Refinery and Tank Terminal Industry.


DUMAG CSB models are available for:

  • Gas flow rates ranging from 150 to 3000 Nm³/h (higher flows on request)
  • Capacities from 0,1 to 5MW fire power (higher capacity on request)