Instrumentation Group

DUMAG offers instrumental equipment for a stable and reliable operation of all available DUMAG® burner systems. The instrumentation is available in three different executions:

Piped instrumentation group:

All offered valves and instruments are as far as possible piped to an instrument group and delivered with coating according to DUMAG standard. Connenctions for fuel and atomizer are designed depending on requirements according to EN-flange standard, to ANSI standard or as a whitworth pipe thread.


Instrumentation frame:

The piped instrumentation group is mounted on a frame and deliverd with coating according to DUMAG standard.

  • Wiring and cabling incl. junction box
  • Cabling and function check
  • Instrumentation air piping
  • Heat tracing + insulation


Advanced instrument skid:

Several instrument groups are usually combined to one insturmentation skid. The valves are wired, electrically connected to the built up junction box installed at the skid. The compressed air lines will be piped from the existing distributor (mounted to the skid) with the valves. The cabling and functions are tested in advance. An optional sheet metal roof protects the instrument skid from environmental conditions.